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Sluka 594
Kurs Strömdahl launching his Sluka at the 2016 OT-champs
Sluka 595
Close-up of Kurt Strömdahl's Sluka


A simple and functional 50-gram Wakefield from 1958, which was presented in Letecký Modelar. The wing is in two parts joined with 2 mm plywood tounges. Presumably, the 90 mm long slit in the wing mount is for adjustment of the CoG. "Sluka" means Snipe in Czech.

Model data

Name: Sluka Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: Ej i arkivet
Designer: A. Simerda Drawn by: A. Simerda
Year designed: 1958 Wingspan (mm): 1120
Category: G-Int
Sources: Oldtimer 2/2012, Letecký Modelár aug 1958


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