Do you remember

Korda, Lanzo, Sunnanvind

Phantom Mite?

Are you interested in the

Model Aeroplanes of the past?

There is an association for you. It is called Svenska Modellflygares Oldtimer Sällskap, SMOS, (Swedish Aeromodeller´s Oldtimer Association), and we construct and fly old model designs. We are around 250 members of all ages who meet for The Oldtimer Nationals (called OT-SM) and other contests and meetings. So far we have been most active with free-flight models, but lately there has been some meetings with old RC- models and also a few UC-models have been shown.

SMOS was formally founded in 1986 (but had been an informal group of people since the beginning of the seventies), and an important part of the activity, apart from meeting and flying, is to preserve the aeromodelling history. For this purpose we have our paper "Oldtimer". In this we present historical notes, articles, drawings and pictures from the past but also results and articles about today's oldtimer-modelling. As a member of SMOS you also have access to a "Bank of Drawings" (i.e. plan service) that includes more than 200 drawings for gliders, rubber- and power models (the majority Swedish). You can also find some U-control and RC models there as well as scale models. So if you are looking for a special model, like the first one that you built or the model of your dreams, you have a good chance of finding it here.

The Oldtimer Association is affiliated to Society of Antique Modelers, SAM. This is a world-wide organisation that gives the members the possibility to join meetings and contests abroad.


Do you want to know more about SMOS or maybe join us?
			Write to:
			Bo-Eskil Nilsson
			Fröslövsvägen 264
			271 78 Löderup




Svenska Modellflygares Oldtimersällskap
Uppdated: 2015-06-03