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Cirrus 475
Kalle Qvarfordts Cirrus at Gärdet, Stockholm, 1996
Cirrus 476
A Cirrus built by Hans Elinder
Cirrus 607
John Hagedahl's Cirrus
Cirrus 474
A Cirrus built by Bengt Åhman


A design from 1936 by Björn Andersson och Sune Stark. The building method was the same as for Gladan/Lincol, the wing was built as a flat frame, onto which the ribs were glued and then formed by sanding. This resulted in a thin wing with flat bottom and sharp leading edge, not at all bad from the aerodynamic point of view. Instead of ordinary dihedral, the Cirrus had a flat center section with sharply raised wing tips. This feature proved successful and was used on many future models from the "Ulvsunda gang".
The Cirrus showed good performance, and the Wentzel hobby shop bought the rights and sold it as a kit.

Model data

Name: Cirrus Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): A-105 Owner: SMOS
Designer: B. Andersson - S. Stark Drawn by:
Year designed: 1936 Wingspan (mm): 980
Category: Klass C
Sources: Wentzels, Oldtimer 3/1999


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