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Hopus Hart 331
Hans Schmiterlöws model at the Swedish model flying museum
Hopus Hart 328
Hans Schmiterlöw with his Hopus Hart


The original model was designed and built by Hans Schmiterlöw during the winter 1940. It was equipped with a geared propeller driven by three separate rubber motors, using a commercially available "Hawker Hart" gear box. In addition, it had a retractable landing gear and a foldable propeller.

In 1941, the design was modified for the new Swedish M1 class. The gear drive was dropped, the wing was placed above the fuselage on a cabane, among other changes. A plan was drawn for the magazine "Teknik för Alla", but was never publised.

Model data

Name: Hopus Hart Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): A-000 Owner: SMOS
Designer: Hans Schmiterlöw Drawn by: Hans Schmiterlöw
Year designed: 1940 Wingspan (mm): 750
Category: Klass B
Sources: Hans Schmiterlöw, Oldtimer 3/1988


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