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Odenmans VM-modell 1951 107
Stig Sjöstedt holding his Odenman
Odenmans VM-modell 1951 544
Stig Sjöstedts model in the air
Odenmans VM-modell 1951 545
Stig's model climbing away at the 2016 autumn competition
Odenmans VM-modell 1951 532
Sten Persson with Pär Lundqvist's model, OT-champs 2010
Odenmans VM-modell 1951 511
Pär Lundqvist's Odenman as modified with radio control
Odenmans VM-modell 1951 106
A model built by Bengt Åhman


A design by Ragnar Odenman for the 1951 world champs, presented in the aviation magazine "Looping". It is quite similair to the model from 1950, but the fuselage is different and it lacks a cabin. It has been named Cumulus, but is also known as the Kondor, a name that has also been used for the 1950 model!

Model data

Name: Odenmans VM-modell 1951 Alternative name: Kondor, Cumulus
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: SMOS
Designer: Ragnar Odenman Drawn by:
Year designed: 1951 Wingspan (mm): 1620
Category: S-Int
Sources: Looping 1951


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