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Tranan 263
Advertisment from Modellflygaren 5/1945
Tranan 549
Olle Bergendahl with the original model in 1942


Olle Bergendahl built the original model in 1942 as an enlarged variant of his successful class S1 glider "Bris". The enlarged model was also successful, and Olle won the 1943 District Championships flying his new model. The company "Wentzles" bought the design in 1944-45 and named it Tranan (the Crane). While Olle had used balsa for many parts of the original model, the material in Wentzels kit was entirely hardwood, as it was impossible to import balsa during the war.
On the plan there is a hand written note about it having 220 cm span. This is wrong, the correct size of the model is 150 cm span as specified in the Wentzels advert.

Model data

Name: Tranan Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): B-029 Owner: SMOS
Designer: Lars Olof Bergendahl Drawn by:
Year designed: 1942 Wingspan (mm): 1500
Category: Klass S2
Sources: Wentzels, Oldtimer 3/1984 (ritning), Oldtimer 1/1991 (historia)


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