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Photos from Bob Thoren, America

Lanzo Duplex stick and cabin versions (1936). The design is identical for both except for the fuselage/landing gear arrangements. Wing span is 44 inches and the propellors are freewheelers of 18 inch diameter. These are both very good fliers. I have had them for six years and have won several contests. The stick version (yellow model) won second place at the 1996 SAM Nationals in Pensacola, Florida.

Lanzo Stick with a Korda C Tractor (1935) and picture Dcp00015 is my Lanzo Classic (1941) 45 inch wingspan, 208 in^2 wing area with folding propellor.


Earl Stahl Hi-Climber (1941). This is a Commercial Rubber class model (Wingspan max = 36 inches with freewheel prop). I won third place at the SAM Nationals with this model.

Lanzo Classic (1941) with the Stahl Hi-Climber.

Stahl Hi-Climber.

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