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Billy Boy 221
An advertisment for Billy Boy
Billy Boy 62
Description from the Norrlands Modellflygindustri catalogue
Billy Boy 63
Bengt Åhman with his Billy Boy
Billy Boy 234
Lasse Larsson's Billy Boy
Billy Boy 235
The front of Lasses Billy Boy. The dethermalizer is actuated by a fuse burning the rubber band
Billy Boy 236
The tail with an autorudder


A model kitted by Norrlands Modellflygindustri. Currently available from Lasse Larrson,

Model data

Name: Billy Boy Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): B-259 Owner: LL, SMOS
Designer: Sven Salonius Drawn by: G. Lundberg
Year designed: 1946 Wingspan (mm): 1090
Category: Klass A1, Klass S2
Sources: Lasse Larsson


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