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The A1 glider Jokum was designed in 1946 by Henning Jönsson, and during 1946-47, many were built by members of "Sportflyveklubben". A plan was included in "Teknik for Alle" 1948, by then, the stabilizer and fin had been changed. The original design of these parts is represented as dashed lines on the plan.

Model data

Name: Jokum Alternative name: H-43 Jokum
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: DMV
Designer: Henning Jönsson Drawn by: Henning Jönsson
Year designed: 1946 Wingspan (mm): 920
Category: Klass S1
Sources: Oldtimer 1/2019, Teknik for Alle 12/1948


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