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A wakefield with which Guido Fea competed in the 1950 world championships in Jämijärvi, Finland. An unfortunate third flight, where trouble with the rubber motor caused a crash immediately after the start, put him down to 25:th place. In the previous trials in Italy, the model had shown splendid performance, with regular flights of about 4 minutes after a 40 second motor run. The model had an empty weigth of 106 g, and was powered by 16 strings of 6 mm Pirelli rubber weighing 122 g.

Model data

Name: Lucky Strike Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): A-279 Owner: SMOS
Designer: Guido Fea Drawn by: Guido Fea
Year designed: 1950 Wingspan (mm): 1200
Category: Klass D
Sources: Oldtimer 3/1990, orig.ritn


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