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Meteor 13 461
The Meteor 13 built by Juha Jernvall


The Finnish model flyer Juha Jernvall was known for his sleek gliders, which were usually named "Meteor". The Meteor 13 was designed as a high performance fair weather class A glider (class A was the smallest Finnsh glider catagory).
The model was published as a 3-view in Teknik & Hobby May 1944. With this plan together with Juhas own fuselage and rib drawings, it should be possible to build a replica close to the original model.

Model data

Name: Meteor 13 Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: Ej i arkivet
Designer: Juha Jernvall Drawn by: Juha Jernvall
Year designed: 1943 Wingspan (mm): 998
Category: Klass S1
Sources: Oldtimer 3/1998, Teknik och Hobby, maj 1944


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