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G.L. F-int 1958 439
Göran Larsson's new model
G.L. F-int 1958 440
Close-up of the engine
G.L. F-int 1958 442
Göran's model in the air


A nameless power model by Göran Larsson, which he used in competitions during 1959-60. It was built according to the then new FAI rules that specified a model weight of at least 750 g. In later years he has built a new model to fly with in oldtimer competitions.

Model data

Name: G.L. F-int 1958 Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner:
Designer: Göran Larsson Drawn by: Peter Wanngård
Year designed: 1958 Wingspan (mm): 1500
Category: F-nostalgi
Sources: Oldtimer 1/2008, Modellflygnytt 2/1961


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