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Gladan 45
Description from the 1968-69 Wentzel catalogue
Gladan 46
Bosse Pettersson's Glada at the Uppsala May-competition in 2014
Gladan 47
Martin Wentzel's Glada at the Wentzel competition 2006
Gladan 48
Göran Larsson's Glada at the Wentzel competition 2006
Gladan 71
Per Nilsson's Glada waiting on the ground
Gladan 184
Per Nilsson's Glada starting in the 2011 oldtimer champs
Gladan 209
Stig Sjöstedt's Glada in the air
Gladan 381
Lasse Larsson's Glada
Gladan 449
Sven-Olov Lindén with his Glada at the 2009 Wentzel competition


A classic kit from Wentzels, designed by Torgil Rosenberg and Nils Nässén.

Model data

Name: Gladan Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): B-060 Owner: LL, SMOS
Designer: T Rosenberg/N Nässén Drawn by:
Year designed: 1955 Wingspan (mm): 980
Category: Klass A1
Sources: Wentzels, SMOS 3/2006


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