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Clipper 1 379
Sten Persson starting his Clipper at the 2013 oldtimer champs
Clipper 1 380
Sten's Clipper in the air


Clipper 1 was designed in 1938 by Sven Truedsson, and was kitted by his own company. During the war, no kits could be produced due to the unavailability of balsa and rubber, but in 1946 production was resumed again. The design had then been updated and modernised. Exact what changes were made ae not known, except that the landing gear was simplified. The Clipper was available from Truedssons up until the mid 1950's. While not and outright competition model, it can still be made to perform thanks to an efficient propeller and a fuselage that can take a large amount of rubber.

Model data

Name: Clipper 1 Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): A-068 Owner: SMOS
Designer: Sven E. Truedsson Drawn by:
Year designed: 1938/46 Wingspan (mm): 745
Category: Klass B
Sources: Truedsson, Oldtimer 1/2011


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