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Cleo 321
Åsa with her Cleo at the 2006 Swedish Oldtimer Champs
Cleo 313
Martti Bogdanoff launching his Cleo at the 2015 Swedish Oldtimer champs
Cleo 318
Bo-Eskil Nilsson starting his Cleo
Cleo 319
Bo-Eskil's Cleo in the air


This model was the winner of a design competition held by the Danish Aeroclub in 1948. It broke several danish records, but the import restrictions meant that hardwood had to be used. In 1950 balsa had become available again, and a revised plan was made and sold by Dansk Modelflyve Industri.
The designer himself, Jörgen Surlykke Petersen, won several competitions with his special Cleo, using a somewhat larger propeller (30 cm instead of 28 cm).

Model data

Name: Cleo Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: SMOS
Designer: Jörgen S. Petersen Drawn by:
Year designed: 1948 Wingspan (mm): 740
Category: Klass B
Sources: Oldtimer 3/1991

Changed date: 2015-12-18

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