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Lokki 268
Matti Pyykkö holding Markku Tähkäpääs Lokki
Lokki 265
Matti launches Markku Tähkäpääs Lokki at the Swedish Oldtimer champs 2013
Lokki 266
Markku Tähkäpääs Lokki starting
Lokki 269
Lokki on the ground at the 2015 oldtimer champs


A beautiful but complicated glider of Finnish origin, designed by Simo Viljanen. In the inter Swedish-Finnish competition 1944, both Viljanen and Silmunen flew a Lokki (=Gull in Finnish). Viljanens model broke its fuselage in two after a bad landning, and the repair shortened the fuselage. Afterwards, he flew his model with a larger stabilizer to compensate.

Model data

Name: Lokki Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: SMOS
Designer: Simo Viljanen Drawn by: Markku Tähkäpää
Year designed: 1943 Wingspan (mm): 2500
Category: Klass S3
Sources: M. Tähkäpää, Oldtimer 2/2008


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