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Der Grosse Winkler 288
Markku Tähkäpää's Winkler at the 2015 oldtimer champs
Der Grosse Winkler 289
Another photo of Markku's Winkler


Horst Winkler was one the real pioneers of the German model flying sport. Already in 1931 he wrote the book "Das Hochleistungssegelflugmodell" (the high performance sailplane model). It this booklet was featured a plan for an unnamed large glider, which came to be known as "Der Grosse Winkler" (the large Winkler). The design was suitable for both slope soaring and high starts, and the plan was printed in several editions with slight changes and improvements.

Model data

Name: Der Grosse Winkler Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): B-005 Owner: SMOS
Designer: Horst Winkler Drawn by:
Year designed: 1931/36 Wingspan (mm): 1696
Category: Klass S3
Sources: Volckmann, Oldtimer 3/1989


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