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Max 1 238
A new Max 1, built by Lasse Larsson in 2015
Max 1 239
The forward parts with nose and timer
Max 1 240
Tail with auto rudder
Max 1 217
Lasse Larsson's Max 1
Max 1 218
Lasse with Max 1
Max 1 219
Frontal view of Max 1


An A2 glider by Lasse Larsson, who submitted the following description:

Max 1 was my first own A2 design, the V-stab was inspired by Lindner's models. Sheet covered frontal part of wing (upper side), small pointed wing tips. The model flew well in calm conditions, the original plan still exists. The wing was covered in silk, red with yellow tips.
I also built a version with greater wing span, Max 2, which was lost in 1965.

Model data

Name: Max 1 Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: LL
Designer: Lasse Larsson Drawn by: Lasse Larsson
Year designed: 1961 Wingspan (mm): 1920
Category: Klass A2
Sources: Lasse Larsson


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