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Hirschel 1967 168
A Hirschel built by Olle Broman in the 1970:s, nowadays flown by Lasse Larsson
Hirschel 1967 169
The Hirschel from behind


Mattias Hirschel placed first in the 1967 world championship with this model. In the fly-off, which took place in absolutely calm weather, Hirschel was the only one to make the 240 sec. max. The design is simple and straightforward, Hirschel explained that the only thing standing out was the wing profile used. The profile is quite thick, but nonetheless effective thanks to the turbulating effect of the wing spars. For best glide performance, the center of gravity was placed quite far aft at 65%.

Model data

Name: Hirschel 1967 Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner:
Designer: Mattias Hirschel Drawn by:
Year designed: 1967 Wingspan (mm): 2015
Category: Klass A2
Sources: Lasse Larsson, Modellflygnytt 5/1967


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