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Hecktor 134
Sven Östlund shows his Hecktor


A glider by Antera Nordman from Helsinki. The following description is found in "Hobbyboken 1946" (translated):

Hecktor is one of the most elegant small gliders designed in Finland. Its performance was shown in both the 1945 spring champs (2:nd place) and autumn champs (1:st place). It's a typical "thermal seeker" with a wandering flight path, which changes to a tight turn in a thermal. The wing is very lightly constructed, something that Nordman thinks is a main factor contributing to the excellent flying performance.

Model data

Name: Hecktor Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): B-277 Owner: SMOS
Designer: Antero Nordman Drawn by:
Year designed: 1945 Wingspan (mm): 990
Category: Klass S1
Sources: Hobbyboken 1946, Sven Östlund

Changed date: 2014-09-28

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