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Tummeliten 26
Description from the 1937 Wentzel catalogue
Tummeliten 27
Inge Ahlin with his Tummeliten at the Wentzel meeting 2007
Tummeliten 28
A Tummeliten by Johan Wallin among some other models
Tummeliten 29
Andrea Hartstein's Tummeliten
Tummeliten 93
Ingvar Nilsson's Tummeliten has the original type of propeller


This kit was sold by Wentzels for many years, and introduced thousands of youngsters to model flying. It was also available as a ready-to-fly model in the colours red, green, blue or yellow.

Model data

Name: Tummeliten Alternative name: A-001
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: SMOS
Designer: Sven Wentzel Drawn by:
Year designed: 1935 Wingspan (mm): 430
Category: Klass A


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