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Maxi 9 91
Lasse LArsson with his Maxi 9
Maxi 9 92
The Maxi 9 in the air


The model was described in Modellflygnytt 4/1978 with the following text (translated):

The next model doesn't really need an introduction. Everyone must have admired and been impressed by Lasse Larsson's Maxi. Or by Lasse's way of flying it.
Lasse won the Winter-competition in both 1977 and -78 with this model. He won the 10-start competition in 1976, and was 3:rd at the Swedish Champs the same year.
The model weas built in 1974. It has two fuselages, one with a circular towhook, the other one without. Lasse uses this model in windy weather, when other models pull too hard. The model flies left, hence the inner wing is 5mm longer, and the left wing has 3 mm was-in. Left wingtip has 3 mm wash-out, and right wingtip 5 mm wash-out.

Note that the specified difference between left and right wing is wrong in the text above and in the plan! The real difference is about 3 cm, the inner parts of the wing should be 430 mm (right) and 458 mm (left).

Model data

Name: Maxi 9 Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): Owner: LL
Designer: Lasse Larsson Drawn by:
Year designed: 1974 Wingspan (mm): 2345
Category: Klass A2
Sources: Modellflygnytt 4/1978


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