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Trim II 5
The original from 1938?
Trim II 4
This Trim II built by Lars Tolkstam was successful in many competitions until it flew away
Trim II 3
A Trim II built by Göran Larsson at a competition in Uppsala 2011
Trim II 6
Kent Josefsson launching his Trim at the Oldtimer Championships 2011
Trim II 7
Anders Sellman's Trim II is wound up
Trim II 8
Anders Sellman's Trim II in the air
Trim II 9
A Trim II built by Lars Karlsson
Trim II 530
A Trim II at the 2011 OT-Champs, I believe it is Ole Torgersen's
Trim II 295
A Trim II built by Thomas Johansson, exhibited at Autoseum in Simrishamn
Trim II 542
Björn Källmans? model at the 2012 OT champs


A combined built-up-fuselage and stick-model by Nils Curry Melin (same wing and empennage, different fuselages). At the Swedish Championships in 1938, Curry placed first in class A1 (stick models) and third in A2 (built-up-fuselage models) with this model. Sven Wentzel, a fellow member of the model flying club Vingarna, offered it as a kit from his company "Wentzels". The original model had a geared propeller using a ready made gearbox from FROG, which explains the ovoid nose section. This gearbox was not included in the kits, and most models were probably built with a standard square nose section.

This model is still very popular among Swedish vintage flying enthusiasts.

Model data

Name: Trim II Alternative name:
Plan-ID (S-O L. numbering): A-115 Owner: SMOS
Designer: Nils Curry Melin Drawn by:
Year designed: 1938 Wingspan (mm): 500
Category: Klass A
Sources: Wentzels


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